My name is Alex Golesorkhi and I am a Communication student at the University of Utah. You probably cannot pronounce my last name but that’s okay. Nobody can, and everybody that tries butchers it horribly. After many years of encountering ridiculous renditions of my last name’s pronunciation, I’ve accepted the fact that most people are not able to correctly enunciate my name.

I began my writing career for school as early as sixth grade for assignments and such. I hated them. I’ve never been a fan of writing. But then again I’ve never been fond of forced schoolwork. This all changed when I started my news writing class the summer of 2012. The parameters of news writing in which we were pushed to critique current events and write reviews about topics we enjoy made me in fact like writing for the first time in my life. A late bloomer, I know. I can write on many topics, but music is my forte.

Having interned at two of the most well known companies in the music industry, Capitol Records and Live Nation Entertainment, I have a good understanding about the music scene and industry today. I enjoy writing reviews about releases, and shows that I’ve gone to. For this reason, I am currently working on publishing a music blog with friends in my network from Los Angeles.

On this blog are some of my writing samples from my News Writing class at the University of Utah. Enjoy!


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